Kinsa Smart Thermometers, one less worry


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I was introduced to the Kinsa line of products back in April, at the Mom 2.0 conference, and within minutes of hearing them talk about the thermometers I was sold, and knew I needed one for my family. We rarely get sick, but when we do, it hits us hard, and all of us at the same time.

We recently traveled out west for a wedding and lone behold lilStrange picks up a bug along the way. Thankfully I packed the Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer, and was able to record her fever and symptoms right in the app. Plus she loved playing the bubble popping game while her temperature was being recorded.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

One Less Worry

And introducing their brand new product The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer, out for pre-sale starting September 1st. The new ear thermometer will have all of the same great in-app features that the stick thermometer does, but gives parents an alternative option on taking their kids temperature. One less worry.

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer brings you instant peace of mind:
• 1 second accurate temperature readings
• Use alone or connect wirelessly to your phone
• Perfect for sleeping babies or active kids
• Pediatrician recommended

Check out this hilarious video created by How to be a Dad (Charlie & Andy) about the new Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer and the Indiegogo campaign where you can purchase the ear thermometer for $40 33% off MSRP, through the end of September. Perfect baby shower gift or anytime gift for your tech loving friend.

Visit Kinsa on Indigogo to order yours today!

This post was sponsored by Kinsa, but all opinions expressed here are my own.

5 healthy after-school snacks


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Healthy after-school snack must-haves, toss out the junk food and start making snack time fun and healthy. See how these 5 portable yet healthy after-school snacks, not only taste good but are kid-friendly too. Oh and my kids eat them without a fuss!Healthy after school snacks

The first thing my son says to me when I pick him up from school is, “I am hungry!” no “It’s great to see you Mom”, or “I had the best day ever!” but like a daily broken record he says “I am hungry!” over and over again. So, I always have a snack out, ready to fill his hunger pains. I pack him a huge lunch every day full of fresh fruits and vegetables, so I am a bit more relaxed on what he eats for his after-school snack. However, if the snack is healthy it gets major bonus points in my book.

Goodkid bars

5 healthy after-school snacks my kids like to eat

  1. Goodkid snack bar Healthy, low-sugar snack bars for kids, that are gluten free with no-GMOs. They have only 5 or 6 grams of sugar in the bars, and are available in 3 yummy flavors, apple cinnamon, lemon blueberry, oatmeal raisin. My son knows he has been a “good kid” at school that day if he is given a GoodKid bar for his after-school snack.
  2. Fruit & Veggie Mashups, Plum’s apple sauce pouches are made from organic fruits and veggies mixed, and mashed into purees my kids can squeeze and eat, on their own! Mashups have all the natural sweetness of vibrant fruits and some extra pow from colorful veggies. They’re great for eating on-the-go because you don’t need a spoon and no mess to clean at the end.
  3. Organic cheddar bunnies From Annie’s are baked with 100% real organic cheese, organic wheat flour, and absolutely no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives. Plus they are adorable and ideal for toddler-sized hands, but great for snackers of all ages to eat by the handful. Just pour some in a reusable snack bag and you have a portable waistless health snack.
  4. Chobani Kids yogurt, naturally delicious food made right. Their yogurt pouches are made with 8g of protein, 10g of sugar and made using only natural ingredients that are not genetically modified (non-GMO). My son loves the fun Spider Man packaging and he can easily twist-off the lid, making for a scissor-free and mess-free opening process. If he does not finish the whole pouch (rarely happens) you can reseal them, and pop them back into the fridge.
  5. Nature Addicts a 100% natural fruit snack. NA has no preservatives, no additives, no added sugar, non GMO, and is vegan and gluten free. NA’s promise is simple: offer consumers of all ages a fruity and convenient bite-sized snack. 1 bag of NA is the equivalent of one piece of fruit but shhhhhh don’t tell my son it is not candy!

What is your go-to healthy after-school snack for you little ones.

I was provided with healthy snack samples to help facilitate this review, however all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Pioneer Farm Museum near Mount Rainier, WA


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If you are traveling with your family near Mount Rainier, make sure to set a few hours aside to check out Pioneer Farm Museum. Journey back to the 1880’s with your family to experience homesteading in Washington state. They have over 100 activities to do there.

Pioneer Farm Museum

The Pioneer Farm Museum tour is a little over an hour and you first go to a woodworking shop, blacksmith shop and barn. The best thing is these experiences are completely hands-on, yes my son burnt his hand a little, but these types of experiences are very rare now of days. Not only is the tour educational it is fun, and my two year old was even 100 percent involved.

Pioneer Museum Farm

Tours also include visiting two homestead cabins built in the 1880’s. Learn about the families who built and lived in them, and participate in many indoor hands-on pioneer chores for the kids. Such as: grinding grains, churning cream, scrubbing laundry, and carding wool. My daughter even dressed up like a pioneer, and got her hair curled with a old curling iron and my son shaved with a dulled straight razor.

Pioneer Girl

Other pioneer activities are to work in the blacksmith shop, heat up a horseshoe in the forge, pound or bend the shoe. In the wood shop you can pound nails, use a bit and brace to drill, spud bark from a log, saw some wood with a buck saw, and shape wood with a draw knife. Yes, lilStrange is using a draw knife, she is two, love this place.

Pioneer Family

For larger groups, they give the kids buggy rides. Both kids had a blast, and hopefully the memories created at the Pioneer Farm Museum will last forever. When we went, it cost $8 per person, and the baby was free. So, totally worth the money for the hands-on learning experiences the kids received. Oh and make sure to wear closed toe shoes, so you can visit the animals inside their barn stalls.

Wishenpoof new preschool series on Amazon


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As a kid did you ever dream you could make a wish and poof it comes true? All of your problems or wants solved with a simple wish?

I asked my son what he would wish for, and today it was to live in a big huge tootsie roll building, so when he was hungry he could just eat it. I then asked him, “But where would you live if you ate your home?” He though about it and decided having a lot of tootsie rolls in a bowl that he could eat whenever he wanted, would be a better idea. Tomorrow he might wish to fly in a rocket to outer space, or have help to put all of his new building sets together, the imagination of a four year old is endless. So the timing of the new Amazon Original Series, “Wishenpoof” available for Prime members on Amazon Prime, was perfect to help him expand his growing imagination.

Wishenpoof Bianca

Wishenpoof“, is created by Angela Santomero (known for “Blue’s Clues” and “Super Why!”) about a girl who can magically fulfill her friends’ wishes, I was a bit skeptical of an instant gratification lifestyle. But once I started watching the series (13 episodes in total) with my son, my opinion changed. He reacted positively to the story lines, that sparked his imagination to problem solve, and we laughed along with Bianca and her family and friends. Bob the Bear is a hoot!

Wishenpoof on Amazon

I asked my son “What do you think Bianca is?’ and he said “A girl who wishes lots of stuff to come true” I think he wishes he could have her magic too. After my son watched a few episodes, I noticed when he was playing independently, he kept saying “Wishenpoof, Wishenpoof, Wishenpoof!” bringing a bit of Bianca’s magic into his real imaginary world.

Wishenpoof learning

“Wishenproof” is about way more than “make a wish and poof it comes true”, Bianca helps to solve life’s problems in her own creative ways, with magic, or without, but always using her brain to make good choices. It is important for preschool aged kids to learn these life skills that help them reach their full potential and unleash their passion to learn. Plus sometimes having a friend is more important than having magic. 

“Wishenpoof” is also very colorful and pleasing to the eye. I also appreciate the incorporation of quality music into kids series. My son was instantly humming and sining along with Bianca.

Wishenpoof” will be available for Amazon Prime members beginning on August 14th.

I teamed up with KidzVuz for this sponsored post of Amazon Primes “Wishenproof” but all opinion expressed on My Strange Family are always true and my own.

7 Mom Essentials, Summertime Toolkit


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We are right in the middle of a hot New York City summer. Some days I wish we could stay home all day in the air-conditioning, but with two little kids, that is not an option (for all of our sanity). So in the summertime I like to keep my daily routine simple and easy, but still stylish, so we can be ready and out the door fast. My 7 mom essentials, in my summertime toolkit include things for my hair, face, teeth, feet, something sweet and something tasty.

  1. 7 mom Summertime EssentialsDenTek– Get a fresh, clean mouth anytime, anywhere with these travel-ready floss picks. Includes two cases, each pre-packed with six Comfort Clean Floss Picks. They tucks neatly into my purse, so I am never stuck with food in my teeth. Comfort Clean Floss Picks are great for tight teeth and sensitive gums and the tongue cleaner helps fight bad breath.
  2. Goodie Spin Pins– With the Spin Pin, it’s a cinch to get that perfect undone bun. Just two pins do the work of 20 bobby pins! Simply gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist into a tight bun, and spin the pins into place to get this sleek, chic style. These are great on those days you might not get a shower in.
  3. Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo– Once I had kids I stopped washing my hair everyday and started using dry Shampoo on my off days. Dry shampoo helps absorb excess oils, provides a matte finish, and adds volume. I honestly like how my hair looks on the second day better. I have tried numerous dry shampoos and found that the Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo will instantly refresh and clean my hair without any water. Just a few sprays on my roots and throughout my hair, followed by brushing to diffuse the powder, will help absorb all the excess oils.
  4. Bumbrella by CiCi Soleil– When it is hot I wear dresses every single day. I don’t want to wear thick warm layers under my sheer summer dresses, but I don’t want to look naked when the bright summer sun hits my dress. I was excited to learn about the Bumbrella, an umbrella for your bum. The Bumbrella is not shape-wear but conceal-wear, it has the comfort of well-fitting panty with the convenience of an attached mini slip. Perfect to keep me cool and concealed on these hot summer days.
  5. Liquid Oxygen– I am normally a bar soap girl for everything, even my face. But this summer my skin is taking a toll, and I need a more intense clean with protection to keep it looking great. Once I started using Liquid Oxygen I was sold and have been using it everyday since. Liquid Oxygen are acne products that contain Oxygen, Salicylic Acid, Vitamins A C D & E, and essential ingredients to deliver clinically proven results. It is fragrance free and is perfect for all skin types and made to balance your pH. I have been doing the three step program wash, astringent and moisturizer, surprisingly it takes no time and the results were instant in how my skin felt and looked vs my normal bar of soap.
  6. Belvoir Fruit Farms– Has been making cordials for nearly 30 years, pressing fresh fruit and infusing flowers to mix with the famous Belvoir spring water. This summer I discovered the Belvoir Lemonades and crave the rose flavor daily. The lemonades are all made with lots of real fruit juice, blended with sparkling Belvoir spring water. They’re made from all-natural ingredients and contain nothing artificial so they taste natural, refreshing and delicious.
  7. Boggs Footwear– Started selling boots to the farm and agricultural industry almost a decade ago, but the Boggs boots are more technical, insulated rubber boot built to withstand the harshest conditions commonly found out on the ranch or inside the dairy barn. I was so excited when I found out Boggs made summer sandals, and wanted to see how they compared to their famous boots. These Bogg sandals are stylish, comfy and work with my everyday dresses or date night jeans. They have a sophisticated leather upper and responsive, foot-forgiving Rebound cushioning in the heel that compresses and bounces back so you can stroll in comfort.

All opinions expressed here are my own, some items were provided to My Strange Family as samples to review but all are now my daily go to products.

Be a tourist in your own city, Go City Card NYC


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A Go City Card is a multi-attractions access pass, that has partnered with over 400 attractions nationwide. Currently the Go City Card is offered in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Oahu, Orlando, San Diego, and San Francisco. One summer afternoon, I decided to take my son, and be tourists in our own city, using the Go City Card NYC. I hope to give locals and tourists an inside look on how the Go City Card NYC works.

Go City Card NYC

Living in NYC we rarely do the extremely touristy things

My Strange Family currently lives in one of the top tourist destinations in the world, New York City, but we rarely do the extremely “touristy things”. Yes, we take adventures many times a week, but when looking over the attractions offered in the Go City Card NYC, I realized my son had only done a handful. He had been asking for months to go on an open roof bus, and I was excited to find out the CitySights Bus Tour was one of the many attractions to choose from on the New York City Explorer Pass.

Go City Card Empire State Building

I opted for the 3 attraction Explorer Pass ($76 for adults, $59 for kids), saving us about 35 percent off the cost of each full-priced attraction. I always try to avoid crowds, so learning that I had to go to Times Square and wait in a line, to activate my digital pass was a bit overwhelming. However, once my pass was activated I just needed to show it at each separate attraction. Plus the Go City Card pass was good for 30 days upon activation, so as locals we did not need to do everything in one day, just within the month. Spread the crowds out over time.

My Son enjoyed the double decker bus ride for about 30 minutes, and then he was anxious to try something new (remember he is 4.5 here). With the 24 hour, hop-on, hop-off option on the CitySights Bus Tour it made it nice to see some of the city by bus and by foot, day or night (not being stuck underground in a subway). It is a slower option than the subway though, so if you are in a rush I would recommend just taking public transportation. As a tourist though, I think it is a great way to see NYC unobstructed, don’t forget your sunblock or hat.

Go City Card tour bus NYC

My son loved pointing out all of the landmarks

For our second attraction with the Go City Card, we took an exhilarating ride on the SHARK Boat. This thrill ride is not for everyone, you will get wet, and the music is loud. Combining a speedboat thrill ride with a high-speed tour of NYC’s landmarks, it’s perfect for tourists in a time crunch and locals who want a fun unique experience. The SHARK Boat ride is only 30 min long and perfect for my son, he loved pointing out all of the landmarks he was familiar with, or has only read about in those ABC, 123 NYC books. Make sure your kid is 40” or taller, and must be able to sit in their own seat, to enjoy the SHARK boat ride in NYC.

Fast boat ride NYC

Shark Boat Statue of Liberty

For our third attraction my son picked Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square. Escape the ordinary and explore all things bizarre, at Ripley’s Odditorium it showcases mind-bending mysteries, an extensive collection of rare artifacts, thrilling interactive exhibits, and lots of stranger-than-fiction fun. It was a good way to pass an hour, but I would not say it was the highlight of our Go City Card tour. This exhibit could literally be anywhere in the world, not really iconic NYC. As a local I would recommend using your pass for Top of the Rock (you get a great view of Central Park, and the Empire State Building from the top) or any one of the museums listed (AMNH if you have kids with you).

Tallest man Robert Wadlow and My Strange Family

Go City Cards can be purchased online and instantaneously delivered to a your smart phone (90% of the passes are used digitally). They can also be bought at outlets within a city upon arrival. You can choose from different types of passes to fit your travel needs. An all-inclusive pass gives you carte blanche to visit any of that city’s included attractions, while a “Build Your Own” allows them to create your own itinerary and receive guaranteed savings.

I can’t wait to try the Go City Card in other cities across the US.

Thank you Smart Destinations for providing My Strange Family with a 3 attraction Explorer Pass to help facilitate this review.