Lincoln Center Kids


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Lincoln Center Kids (#LCKids) is an exciting new program at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The goal is to make performing arts accessible to all, including more curated family programing, special events and behind the scened opportunities, for kids and their parents. LC Kids promotes and encourages lifelong enjoyment of and participation in the arts.

LC Kids Membership details can be found here, and funds raised through LC Kids directly support Lincoln Center’s arts education activities, outreach initiatives, and free performances. To learn more watch this video.

LC Kids Logo 1

LC Kids is kicking off their family programing, this weekend with a special performance of Sleeping Beauty with David Gonzales (recommended for ages 6+) and next weekend, Story Pirates Greatest Hits Show (recommended for ages 4+). Plus LC Kids Spring Fling, a free event in May.

Sleeping Beauty with David GonzalezStory Pirates Greatest Hits Show

Sleeping Beauty with David Gonzalez
Saturday, April 18 at 11:00
Clark Studio Theater, 165 W 65th Street, 7th Floor
(recommended for ages 6+)
Tickets: $10-25

Story Pirates Greatest Hits Show
Sunday, April 26 at 11:00
With a special activity presented by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan
Stanley H Kaplan Penthouse, 165 W 65thStreet, 10th Floor
(recommended for ages 4+)
Tickets: $25

LC Kids Spring Fling
Saturday, May 9 from 11:00 – 2:00
A fun-filled day of performances, crafts and activities designed for kids across the plazas of Lincoln Center!
(recommended for ALL AGES!)
Tickets: FREE

You can sign up for an LC Kids membership or learn more about the programs here:

NYC public school kindergarten process


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We are waist deep in the middle of the New York City kindergarten process, and for some people the process is not over until their kid steps foot into their school on the first day in September. I hope we will have finalized answers by the end of May, but this is the NYC DOE, so we might have to wait longer.

NYC public Kidergarten process

Kindergarten aged kids in NYC are guaranteed a seat

For so many parents this waiting game is stressful, and the main NYC Kindergarten process stress is making sure your 4 year old gets into YOUR top choice school. In NYC your kindergarten aged kid is guaranteed a seat placement within your district, but not necessarily your zone (space permitting), plus you can apply to schools outside of your zone.

Most schools start monthly tours in the fall

Before applying to public school kindergarten in NYC it is recommended to take a school tour, most schools start monthly tours in the fall, previous to the February application deadline. The kindergarten application process is between January and February, and parents can apply up to 12 schools. DOE applications can easily be completed online.

Application results are given to parents mid April and they have until early May to lock in their acceptance. This year 72 percent of the kindergarten applicants received their first choice and 12 percent received one of their top three choices. 10 percent of applicants did not receive any offers from their list, so they might be defaulted back to their zoned school (space permitting).

Waitlists are another big stress for parents, but these lists almost always clear by September as families move or decide to attend other schools. But having to wait through the whole summer not knowing where your kindergartener might be placed must the worst.

NYC kid in Kindergarten

Gifted & Talented in NYC

Now if the kindergarten process does not seem to be complicated enough, throw in the Gifted & Talented wrench to confuse and stress parents out even more. For your kid to even be consider for a G&T seat they must take the verbal (OLSAT*) and nonverbal (NNAT**) tests. The application for the NYC G&T test is in the fall, one whole year before your kid even starts kindergarten. They will be given a testing date after the new year, and you will receive your kids G&T score report early April. Parents have until mid April to apply to either G&T district wide program (score between 90-99) or a G&T city wide program (score between 97-99).

This year 25 percent of test takers qualified for G&T programs. There is no guarantee that your child will receive a placement offer to a G&T program. The number of eligible students typically exceeds the number of seats available at these programs. Yep, you read that correctly, you do all that work and your kid scores high enough to be considered, but G&T placement in NYC is not guaranteed.

Parent will not find out about G&T placements until late May, so you MUST secure your kids kindergarten placement (early May) before you find out your kids G&T placement. This process then allows relief on the waitlists if your kid receives a coveted NYC G&T placement.

Your kid with thrive wherever they go to school

Yes, this whole process is crazy, but clearly if you are a parent willing to go through this stress, you are also a parent to a kid that will most likely succeed wherever they are placed, zoned, district, G&T city wide, G&T district wide or private school.

Good luck to all of you out there and hopefully this process readies us for the even crazier NYC middle school process in 5 years.

*Measures your child’s ability to comprehend information communicated through spoken language.
**Measured your child’s ability to solve problems using pictures

Don’t touch the flowers


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We spent some time at the Central Park Zoo today. The weather was perfect and signs of spring were showing.

At one point lilStrange was nicely smelling the daffodils, until I saw her hand reach out to grab the flowers. I think I surprised her when I shouted “Don’t touch the flowers!” 

How did you get your kids to smell the flowers not pick them?

Queens Farm Children’s Carnival


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This weekend and next is the Queens County Farm Museum, Children’s Carnival. We went today for the first time and loved it. The amazing springtime weather, probably helped our experience some.

Children's Carnival ride in Queens

My Strange Family enjoyed the carnival rides, played midway games, won some prizes, took a hayride around the property, pet some friendly farm animals and the even took a pony ride (first time for both of the kids).Alpaca Queens Farm lilStrange upside downIf you are planning to go this weekend or next, make sure to get there early and expect long lines on the carnival rides. Also bring cash for the admission tickets, and all of the extra activities for the kids. The $12 admission includes unlimited carnival rides, but the petting zoo ($4), hayride ($3), pony ride ($4), midway games ($3-$5) and food are at an additional expense.My Strange Family Selfi Pony Boy Queens Farm It was easy enough to get there from the city on public transportation, we took the LIRR to Floral Park from PENN station, and then a short 5 min taxi ride to the Queens Farm.Queens Children's Carnival ride Tractor Hayride Queens Farm

The hours are Saturday & Sunday, April 11 – 12 & 18 – 19, 2015, 11 am – 6 pm
For more information check out the Queens County Farm Museum events page.

Photo of the month- New York, Hawaii, Seattle


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I am about to do a huge photo dump from my iPhone, with over 3,000 photos this last month alone. In March 2015 we traveled from New York, to Hawaii, to Seattle, then back to New York again. We spent the majority of the month in hotel rooms and being tourists, hence the thousands of photos. But, before I did this dump I searched photos by month, then took a screen shot of March, and created this awesome photo.

My Strange Family March 2015

This photo has so much color, magic and memories in it, and reminds me of one of those magic eye photos of my childhood.

What does your monthly photo look like? Feel free to share yours on the My Strange Family Facebook page of #Tag it #MSFPhotoofthemonth